Inheritance Law

Dealing with an Inheritance can be a complicated and sometimes even painful process. We, at Rafael Beifus Law Office, have dealt with many aspects of Inheritance Law during our years of experience in this field and are sensitive to the personal aspects of this area of law. Located adjacent to the Ministry of Justice and the Registrar of Inheritance, we deal directly and quickly with these government offices to the benefit of our clients.

Our office regularly deals with:

  • Filing requests for a succession order

  • Filing requests for probate

  • Inheritance assets in Israel for inheritors who live abroad

In addition to these services, we advise customers in the following cases:

  • Issues relating to wills drawn up outside of Israel (most people are unaware of the need to have an Israeli Will, even if they have a non-Israeli Will)

  • Inheritance planning

  • Registering inheritance assets in Israel

  • Dividing up estates between inheritors

  • Tax planning

We frequently represent clients when writing up recommendations for inheritance tax, and routinely advise and assist customers when selling off inheritance assets.

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Yigal Alon St 55, Tel Aviv, Israel