Rafael Beifus Founder 

Rafael Beifus was awarded an LLM from Bar-Ilan University specializing in Commercial Law. He was accepted as a member of the Israeli Bar Association in 2003 and has since amassed a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of areas of law, such as: business and corporate law, civil and commercial litigation, real estate law, collection law, asset protection, construction law, international trade and finance law.

While representing a long line of companies, business people and real estate entrepreneurs, Rafael Beifus has perfected the art of assessing the most salient aspects of a client's position. He offers productive and creative strategies for resolving current problems, therefore avoiding future pitfalls.

Rafael also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Government Corporations Committee of the Israeli Bar Association.

  Pninit Dankner Associate

Pninit Dankner Lubinski has been practicing law in Israel for over 20 years. 

Pninit has amassed an unmatched level of expertise in many fields, including:

Corporate law, Real Estate law, Labor law, Litigation, Patent law and more.

Pninit perfected the art of negotiation and has years of experience in consulting industries such as: Hi-Tech, Telecommunications, Defense, Engineering, Industrial, Agricultural, manufacturing and Real Estate. Her expertise is especially valued by investors and her peers as a key opinion leader in many of the above mentioned sectors. Pninit has a long list of satisfied clients in both the private and public sectors. 

Another one of her great assets to our firm is her experience as a Certified Mediator and Notary.

            Ittai Carmon

Ittai Carmon has won landmark cases in the Supreme Court of Israel in matters involving international and foreign law as well as other matters and legal disciplines. Distinct among those is a landmark rare Further Hearing with an extended 7 Supreme Court justice bench concerning the interpretation of foreign law (Havdala v. The Ministry of the Treasury), reversing the Supreme Court’s previous three judge bench decision,  making Carmon & Carmon one of the only law firms in Israel to have won two Further Hearing cases in the Supreme Court. Ittai Carmon has also been co-counsel in the U.S Government cases litigated in Israel. Ittai is the editor of the international section of Israel’s largest legal website.

 Pnina Zaidenberg Associate

Attorney Pnina Zaidenberg  has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2003 and the C.P.A Association since 1996 . She completed a Master of Laws (LL.M.) and a degree in Accounting .

Attorney Pnina Zaidenberg  has a vast background of experience in employee relations and tax law.

           Shmuel Drori

Attorney Shmuel Drory brings over 27 years of legal experience to our team.

Amongst many of his areas of expertise, Family law, Civil law and Wills and Inheritance are on the top of the list.

Attorney Shmuel Drori also serves as a Notary for our clients.

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